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Do you need to be a genius to become a programmer?

If you’re new to programming, it might seem like there’s so much information to learn. You might wonder, how do programmers remember all of those concepts, functions, and details?  Do programmers memorise everything?


Do you need to be a genius to become a programmer? Is programming a special skill that can be only learned by very smart students with strong mathematical skills?


Here is our TOP 5 tips to help you:


  1.  Take notes when you are learning. As you learn new concepts, write down what goals they help you to accomplish.
  2. Write down all questions that appears in your mind while you study anything new in programming.
  3.  Whenever you make mistakes, write what you did wrong, why it was wrong, and what you will do differently next time.
  4.  Learn from other people’s codes: you can check websites and apps code, join programmers communities to learn from others. But do not just copy-paste. Try to understand why and how the code works!
  5. Don't use autocomplete and autosuggest. These features provide a pop-up list of possible completions for your code. If you’re a beginner, you might want to skip on the code completion sometimes to move quicker to more interesting part you are currently on. But firstly you need to get experience in easy stuff and then to move forward.

Programming is not a magic.


It is a skill that you can learn through practice, by understanding the principles and searching for the solutions. Programming is rewarding and exciting activity. Do not give up if something seem hard, you can learn it with enough of commitment and interest.


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