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3D Motion Graphics Editing

Explore the art of motion graphics by producing engaging projects like 3D logo animations, bumper animations, indent animations, and 3D stage football. Learn to create 3D models, render them, and produce TV spots and commercials.
Learn advanced video editing skills!

In-demand skills

Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Cinema 4D are widely used in the film and television industry for visual effects, motion graphics, and animation

Course Curriculum

This is a complete course that offers a unique opportunity to learn video editing tools and master your skills by working on practical projects, such as TV commercial under the guidance of the experience trainer.

8 weeks intensive course

Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro

Basics: Keyframes and Transitions

Editing with Music to Create Different Mood and Styles

Text and Motion Graphic

Title Editor

Simple Effects

Introduction to After Effect

Timeline (Transform)

Menu Bar (Layer)

Tool Bar 2

Menu Bar (Composition)

Introduction to Cinema 4D

Modeling Tool

Material and Light

Animation Tool

Rendering Tool

Final Project

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Forms of Education and Tuition Fees

About the Course
40 hours
1 day a week
15-55 years old
Sundays from 8:30am to 11:00am

Tuition Fee



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