STEP IT Academy | We have been teaching since 1999. High-quality IT-education for adults and children. We prepare programmers, designers and system engineers who cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. In order to achieve this, we teach how to understand tasks, run projects and work in a team, in addition to core knowledge.

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We believe anyone can become an IT specialist. To achieve this goal you need only desire, diligence and discipline. We will take care of the rest.



  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Digital marketing and its place in the marketing. The main differences
  • Online business models. Their goals and KPI
  • Communication channels in digital world. Performance marketing and brand communications
  • Basics of SEO
  • Internal optimisation, External optimisation
  • Commercial factors
  • Removing sanctions
  • Internal and external text content
  • Content marketing
  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other types of social networks
  • Promotion in social networks
  • The role of analytics in online marketing
  • Why do you need GTM
  • What is User Experience (the difference between AI, UX, UI)
  • UX relationship with other online marketing tools (US + SEO, US + PPC, UX + Analytics)
  • Methods of UX research (CA polls, GA)
  • Users portrait development / customer journey map
  • Usability testing
  • Interface Design
  • Tools and guidelines
  • How to use analytics and research data
  • Interaction - UX specialist with other members of the team (designers / developers)
  • Introduction to project management
  • What is the project management and different project management systems
  • Duties and area of project manager liability
  • Key documents for interaction with customers
  • Main mistakes of project management
  • Communication with the client
  • Fundamentals of email correspondence
  • Conducting training, presentations and meetings
Forms of study

Forms of study

About the Course

Full price - $150

Timetable of Classes:


Once a week




$150 (one time at the beginning of the course)


Free services:


  • class materials
  • usage of class computers & equipment


2 months

15-55 years old

Once a week

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