STEP IT Academy | We have been teaching since 1999. High-quality IT-education for adults and children. We prepare programmers, designers and system engineers who cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. In order to achieve this, we teach how to understand tasks, run projects and work in a team, in addition to core knowledge.

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We believe anyone can become an IT specialist. To achieve this goal you need only desire, diligence and discipline. We will take care of the rest.

We have developed a comprehensive training curriculum to master professional IT skills through practice.

STEP IT Academy has been working in the field of IT education since 1999. We cooperate with major software development companies and know what kind of education is necessary for a successful start in IT. Thanks to our unique curriculum and project-based approach, our students learn to solve real problems and are able to join the IT industry even during the training stage.

The value of the professional program “Software Development” is confirmed by thousands of STEP graduates who now work as qualified developers in the largest IT companies of 36 countries around the world.

Our values

Relevance, expertise, support

STEP IT Academy training process is based on three essential components of effective education.

Current curriculum

The knowledge and skills that our students gain must meet the requirements of employers today and in the future. Therefore, we review and update our curriculum every 6 months.

Trainers with practical skills

STEP IT Academy trainers are IT professionals with at least 5 years of experience. Our students receive only relevant knowledge and skills, applied in practice.

Friendly environment

We have created a special learning environment where trainers and students can communicate as partners, following one goal. Our classrooms and laboratories are equipped with comfortable workplaces, computers and licensed software.

Our students

This program is developed for

Students and graduates (15-18 y.o)

who will receive their first certification in software development

University students (18-23 y.o)

who desire a second specialty in parallel with their university education.

Representatives of other professions (23-55 y.o.)

who are not satisfied with their current careers and financial potential, and wish to train as a software developer for career in the IT industry

Those who wish to augment their IT qualifications

structure their skills and gain high in demand working knowledge of modern IT


After 2.5 years students of STEP IT Academy will receive

Maximum practical training

STEP educational process is practice based. We do not have boring lectures, our students are not required to write lectures summaries. All study materials are available on the modern and convenient online platform. Students can study at any place and at any time.

Completed portfolio

STEP IT Academy students work on interesting projects, following IT industry demands and employers' needs . The final step of the educational program is a graduation project. Students' projects are included into a professional portfolio which gives them a cutting edge in successfully finding employment.

Employment assistance

Representatives of leading IT companies attend students' projects presentations, and participate as jury members and speakers at hackathons and IT competitions organized by STEP. Hardworking and talented students are recruited even before graduation!

Why does the program last for 2.5 years, not just 3 months?

Often short courses promise to train a beginner into a qualified professional in just 3-4 months. This is either a lie or an incompetent statement. In such a short period of time, one can learn some basics, but not serious practical skills. After such courses, programmers will only be able to perform simple and low-paid tasks and need to learn more on their own in order to advance, constantly filling gaps in this basic education. Many self-taught programmers regret that they did not receive fundamental education at the very beginning of their careers. Our professional "Software Development" program covers all the necessary subjects for a professional designer. The program is designed for 2.5 years, or 5 terms. We are confident that this is the right duration to gain the skills and necessary experience to become a high in-demand professional.



The program is IT industry demand driven. Our methodologists and trainers are constantly working on improving and updating the curriculum to ensure that STEP graduates can demonstrate their best skills to future employers.

  • Introduction to algorithms theory and data structures
  • Programming language C
  • Object Oriented Programming Using C ++
  • Using the standard STL template class library
  • Developing Windows applications using Visual C ++ and WinAPI
  • Database theory. Database management systems: programming principles of Microsoft Database Access, MySQL. Authorized Courses of Microsoſt IT Academy
  • Programming and administration of Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Oracle Database Programming
  • System programming (threads, processes, synchronization primitives, interprocess communication). Network programming (sockets, synchronous and asynchronous data exchange mechanisms, protocols)
  • Object Oriented Design. UML language
  • Software Project Management
  • IT Essentials. PC Hardware and Software - Cisco Networking Academy Authorized Course
  • Hardware of workstations and laptops
  • Installation and configuration of Windows 10
  • Developing websites using HTML5 markup language and CSS3 cascading style sheets
  • JavaScript scripting language
  • Extensible markup language for websites development - XML
  • Creating web applications using PHP programming language and AJAX technology;
  • Application development using Client-Server technology. Creating apps for Microsoft .NET platform
  • Building cloud solutions using Windows Azure
  • Programming with Java
  • Android OS applications development for mobile devices
  • Game development
  • Design Patterns
  • Software Testing (QA)
Download detailed curriculum

Upon graduation of the course you will be able to

  • Create Windows applications using client-server technologies, graphics, databases and multimedia
  • Fast and accurate calculation of algorithms for tasks and implementation cost
  • Design and management of databases of different complexity and size
  • Develop web-based applications that respond to user actions and provide information stored in databases
  • Automate database management based on the client's task and requirements
  • Participate in the development of computer games
  • Modify programs and applications for specific tasks
  • Develop network applications
  • Create utilities that solve everyday user problems
  • Create applications and dynamic web-units based on the .NET platform
  • Ensure application security using encryption, authentication, and secure connections
  • Test software by applying modern technologies; design software projects regardless of the implementation language
Forms of study

Forms of study

Learning Options

Full-time study: $1300/year; Part-time study: $1100/year *For the price list for international students, please contact administration.



Full-time study:

  • Morning: 8:30 am - 11:30 am
  • Afternoon 1: 1:30 pm - 4:20 pm
  • Afternoon 2: 3:00 pm - 5:50 pm
  • Evening: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Part-time study:

  • Saturday: 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm
  • Sunday: 8:00 am - 12:30 pm


Registration Fee:


$100 (one time at the beginning of the academic year)


Free services:


  • enrolment test
  • course examinations
  • class materials
  • usage of class computers & equipment
  • international certification


5 semesters or 2.5 years

15-55 yo

Full-time study: 5 times/week (including 2 days of individual work); Part-time study: 1 time/week (on Saturday or Sunday)

IT Step

IT Step

How is the training

How we teach

The training process in STEP is focused on developing practical professional skills without any distraction: no written exams, no memorizing, only specific tests for self-assessment.

Our graduates receive an international diploma from the STEP IT Academy

and certificates from the IT industry leaders.


Companies where the STEP graduates work

Student Stories

Student Stories

Tann Verasatya


I am studying at IT Academy STEP Cambodia as a software developer. It is my dream since I was at a high school. I am interested in learning how to create a program and how it works. There are a lot of school in Phnom Penh but I have chosen to study at IT Academy STEP Cambodia. This school can provide everything I need. The teachers are nice and explain us clearly what can improve our coding skills. And another important thing is that I don’t need to spend 4 years since my major is only 2.5 years for a software development professional degree.
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Ty Chea


The reason for my decision to study programming is because I want to develop my critical thinking skills and algorithm logic as you may know that an IT developer should be more advanced in that. Since they create a software for users and they should know exactly what a user would need. Thus they must think deeper and smarter than a normal user. I have decided to study with IT Academy STEP Cambodia because this school has a well-developed curriculum and study materials, taking students step by step from a beginner to advanced level, plus a good quality of instructors. The duration of studying is not too long if we compare to a university. I also like the time flexibility that make me easy to adjust to my daily schedule.
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Kim Horn


I have decided to study programming because it is really popular in the world. And I want to make easier and more efficient solutions. Besides, Cambodia needs to make up technology but only a few students in Cambodia study this major. I think it will be good for my future if I choose software development to study. There are 3 main reasons why I have deiced to study with IT Academy STEP Cambodia: Curriculum - is good and make me easy to study. Teachers - they have a lot of experience and easy to understand. Certificates - recognized by Microsoft and CISCO. That make me easy in the future to find a job.
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Phay Chanrothana


Technology is the leading factor in the world nowadays, so coding is very important if you wish to become a successful person. As a business student in another University too, I see so many opportunities for applying technology, and since Programming is the basic skill of the technology, I have decided to take this course in order to achieve my goal. Out of all school in Cambodia, IT Academy STEP is the most interesting school for me. With the foreign program and teacher from all over the world, Cambodian students get experience from teachers and it allows us to think globally and be creative. I believe that IT Academy STEP provides the best knowledge in these technology skills with a good education system, so I decided to choose IT Academy STEP.
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The reason that I chose IT Academy STEP is because I don’t see other better option for Software Development course in Cambodia. IT Academy STEP also provide students with certificates from international companies like Microsoft and CISCO. I would prefer Hardware engineering but since it is not available in my local area, I have decided to take software development course since technology is the future. I like to study here because it’s a training center and here your grades don’t really matter like in universities where students sometimes can just cheat or use some other methods to get higher credit. Here’s different. Skill, talents, and abilities are absolute.
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I’ve decided to study programming because I think that in technology – programming is the beginning point. And when I know it very well, I can build almost everything too. I like studying here and I like a lot of things including the environment, the teachers, the competition with other students, a lot of events to be joined and much more.
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Leak Srey Sros


I’m studying Software Development at IT Academy STEP and I also working as Web Developer. I have decided to study IT because I liked mathematic and science subjects when I was studying at high school. I like coding, researching and programming new inventions. In the future, I want to start up my own website company. Because IT Academy STEP is an international academy which provides professional skills, I will recommend my friends to study here if they are interested in Software Development.
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Long Hong Thakvika


I’m studying Software Development at IT Academy STEP and I also working as Web Developer. I have decided to study IT because I liked mathematic and science subjects when I was studying at high school. I like coding, researching and programming new inventions. In the future, I want to start up my own website company. Because IT Academy STEP is an international academy which provides professional skills, I will recommend my friends to study here if they are interested in Software Development. While I am studying at high school and IT Academy STEP Cambodia at the same time, it’s hard for me to have spare time. To focus on my future career, I will learn everything to become developer. I believe in IT Academy STEP Cambodia because there are many professional and experienced teachers, modern equipment, and international certification.
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Ven Chang


I study Software Development because I like to create programs and I want to start up my own IT company. Before STEP, I have enrolled in a university and quit it because I found it boring. After that, I have decided to enrol to IT Academy STEP because there are many professional teachers, friendly and smart classmates, and comfortable classes. I love to learn in this environment.
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Tang Seakmeng

Software Development

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