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Difference between Web and Software Developer



Web developers and software engineers are working with computers and coding. But what is the difference? Their jobs can include visiting customers to negotiate their desires and budget and then build what they want.

But the main points are in actual development:

Web developers focus specifically on web design and web creation, while software engineers develop more complex computer programs or applications. Engineers determine how computer programs work and write the code that ensures the proper functioning of the program.


web developer


Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for how and how a website appears and functions. These professionals need to be creative in order to develop original site designs, and they also need to be able to work on a computer for long periods of time while programming the design of the site. They need to pay close attention to their work in order to avoid errors that affect the site's function.

Web developers should learn several programming languages, including HTML or XML, PHP, Javascript and others used in web development.

However, with the technology developing web development is becoming easier, as there are many low code or no code options available, so anyone can now create a simple website without any skills in programming. That is why web developers' future jobs would have less demand and their salaries are not growing too fast.



Software Developer

Software developers should be able to write computer programming code, learn computer basics, computer architecture, and data structure, as well as mobile application development and web development.

In order to make innovative enhancements to existing software or to create a proposal for a new system, software engineers have to be creative too. They will need to be thorough and carefully assess their work so they can ensure they meet the programming needs of their client effectively.

Software Developers have a lot of possibilities to focus on certain areas of development and master skills in the chosen field. They have better chances to grow their career, as well as salaries while working on more complex projects.


IT Academy STEP Cambodia accepts new students to join a professional program in Software Development, that includes a module on web development too. Join us in and in 2.5 years you can become a skilled software developer and support in getting your employment. All our graduates are employed and confirm that studying with IT Academy STEP helped them to get a well-paid job.

More information about the program



IT STEP Academy


STEP IT Academy Cambodia becomes a licensed Institute

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport have approved STEP IT Academy Cambodia institute license as of July 2022.

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport have approved STEP IT Academy Cambodia institute license as of July 2022. This license upgrade means that students at professional programs in STEP IT Academy Cambodia upon successful examination results may receive an Associate Degree in the corresponding major in accordance to Cambodian educational standards. Upon graduation, students will receive: STEP IT Academy international diploma STEP IT Academy Institute Associate degree in Cambodia International certificates from CISCO and Autodesk, depending on the examination taken Official transcript of exams. Mrs. Rodionova Natalja, Director of the STEP IT Academy Institute said: “We are grateful to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Cambodia for recognizing our efforts and upgrading our license to become an Institute in Cambodia, that would allow our students to benefit from the Associate degree possibilities.” STEP IT Academy Institute offers students associate de

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Advanced Digital Skills Program Graduation event

IT Academy STEP Cambodia holds a graduation event for the Advanced Digital Skills program, which was created in partnership with UNDP Cambodia.

After 5 months of intensive training, as well as completing final graduation projects, 24 students have successfully graduated from a special program in Advanced Digital Skills, which was created and delivered by IT Academy STEP Cambodia in partnership with UNDP Cambodia. Students had a unique opportunity to join training programs, which were offered with 100% scholarship, and study one of the majors: 1. Digital Marketing 2. Data Science and Analytics Fundamentals. Those programs included both soft and professional skills, as well as a strong focus on professional portfolio development. Students in the Digital Marketing program have developed marketing strategies for the brands of their choice, defining communication channels, brand strategies, creating communication materials and setting up communication KPIs. Students in Data Science and Analytics Fundamentals worked in the teams to create case studies with useful insights, following the data analysis and applying skil

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IT Academy STEP Cambodia partners with DATACAMP DONATES

IT Academy STEP Cambodia partners with DATACAMP DONATES to bring international learning opportunities in digital up-skilling for Cambodian students.

IT Academy STEP Cambodia is honored to announce a new partnership with DataCamp, the leading international interactive learning platform for data science and analytics. Thanks to the partnership, students in Cambodia get free access to data science and analytics training to be ready for the growing demand for qualified specialists with a strong understanding of data science for the growing IT industry in Cambodia and abroad.  Students from the Advanced Digital Skills program, which is executed in partnership with UNDP Cambodia, receive intensive training in Data Science and Analytics fundamentals, as well as in Digital Marketing with a total duration of 6 months. By having an access to DataCamp resources, students now can have a better online learning experience, with a possibility to practice and make a progress faster under the guidance of qualified IT Academy STEP Cambodia trainers.  The aim of the program is to encourage diversity and inclusion in digital up-skilling

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Stand with Ukraine! IT Academy STEP invites to join the efforts.

IT Academy STEP is seeking help to support Ukrainian refugee children in Poland.

IT Academy STEP Cambodia is a branch of an international training center, IT Academy STEP, that was established in 1999 in Ukraine. Since the war in Ukraine was started by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022, many of our colleagues lost their homes, loved ones and some lost their lives. Some of IT Academy STEP branches are destroyed completely.  However, IT Academy STEP keeps working even during this devasting crisis, creating free online lessons for Ukrainian children on Youtube, as well as giving access to online learning with the Unicorn school.  International branches of IT Academy STEP in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland work directly with the refugees. IT Academy STEP Cambodia joins an initiative to collect devices, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops to support Ukrainian refugee children in Poland, many of whom lost everything. The number of Ukrainian refugees in Poland has exceeded 2 million people, which is already more than t

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