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What do you need to know to enrol in IT Academy STEP?

How do we see an ideal  IT Academy STEP Cambodia applicant?  Check this article to see if you are ready to join us!

Students can join IT Academy STEP Cambodia without any previous background in Information Technology. We do not expect applicants to have knowledge in the field of programming, IT or design. But there are some requirements for admission to the Academy, which we will make sure your study process successful. In this article, we will explain what knowledge do you need to start studying IT Academy STEP Cambodia without any difficulty.


You are an active PC user

You have been using a computer actively not only for playing games, checking Facebook or watching YouTube.

If you can:

  • type on the keyboard in English
  • work with modern Windows 10 or Mac OS X operating systems
  • work freely with files and folders
  • use the Internet browsers and search engines
  • work with email

If you have answered positively, then the first stage is passed! You are one step closer to the ideal IT Academy STEP Cambodia applicant!


You have at least a basic level of English

Lessons at IT Academy STEP Cambodia are conducted in Khmer and English languages. However, programming languages, terms and programs used in the educational process for programmers and designers, are using English commands. Almost the entire world of information technology is developed in English. Therefore, we strongly recommend that our students know English at least at the “basic” level and continue learning English to understand specialized literature, work with software and, of course, for career development and growth.


The “basic” level is sufficient to communicate in English at the everyday level. For example, if you are abroad, you can check the direction of travel with locals, make purchases, book a hotel room, etc.

If you can:

  • understand signs and announcements in public places or on the street
  • can understand general news and articles
  • can write a simple personal letter to a friend
  • can tell and write a short text about yourself, your hobby, family, home
  • can fill in simple personal data
  • easily describe your workday and weekend vacations
  • talk about simple everyday topics
  • can answer simple questions within familiar topics

.. you are on the second level! Great! You are almost there!


You are familiar with mathematics

For many students, mathematics seems like a very difficult science to understand. But in IT and, especially programming, mathematics is playing an important role. That is why a clear understanding what is algorithms at the basic level is essential for self-respecting developers and IT specialists. While learning programming further you will see, that different aspects of mathematics are applied in different areas. For example, for machine learning, you need mathematical statistics; for developing games, geometry and trigonometry; for working with data, probability theory and mathematical analysis. But those skills are included in the professional program already.


To study in the professional program "Software Development" IT Academy STEP Cambodia you need to know mathematics at the level of the 11th grade of the school curriculum. In the professional program “Computer Graphics and Design” knowing math is not that important but would be highly recommended.


So what do you think – can you meet these 3 requirements? If yes, then do not wait and join IT Academy STEP Cambodia!

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