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Reloading reality. Why learning digital skills is the best decision in the pandemic time?

COVID-19 hits the world hard.

COVID-19 pandemic hit hard on the world. 1.6 billion students learning online, millions of people losing their jobs, while so many businesses could not survive and adapt to the changed reality. In Cambodia key economic sectors, such as tourism, manufacturing exports and construction have experienced the most challenging times. There is a hope that vaccination would help to take this epidemic under control, but it is obvious that the world will never be the same.

Digital skills are key in the new world.

COVID-19 pandemic is reloading reality with more opportunities for those, who love technology and have the skills to create new solutions and use it for the benefits. Despite so many challenges in traditional industries, technology-focused industries and people are getting just fine through this hard time. IT companies and start-ups, as well as people with strong digital skills, can work online and expand to more countries, while not even leaving their home.

The demand for programmers and designers did not decrease. Actually, more career possibilities, especially in remote working, have been introduced. With economies recovering from pandemics, and more technological solutions introduced, there is a growing demand for IT professionals with different skill-set all around the world. However, there is a growing gap between what businesses are looking for and what skills are available.
While the world is in the transition, the best solution for people is to review what is their current status, what skills they have and are those skills are in demand now and in the future? 

Where to start with your IT education?

So if it is clear for you, that digital skills can bring so many opportunities, search no more and check the website of IT Academy STEP Cambodia. It is a branch of an international training center, operating in 22 countries with more than 180 thousand graduates since 1999. With the professional programs in Software Development or Computer Graphics and Design, which take only 2.5 years, students learn the most important skills with international experts and following the international curriculum. Working on projects and portfolios from the first term, students get to understand clearly what it takes to become a successful designer or a programmer, as well as understand what are different career possibilities and choose the one, that they are the most passionate about. 

Students can also choose to study full-time on weekdays or part-time on weekends only, thus having the flexibility to combine studies and work. IT Academy STEP Cambodia has a number of partners, both local and international companies, that can offer students internship possibilities or even job placements. With a strong focus on quality education and students’ successful employment, IT Academy STEP Cambodia is proud that 100% of the graduates have admitted that would recommend IT Academy STEP Cambodia as the best place for studies.

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