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Making hard decision about the future – what to study after school?


This big day – taking final graduation from a high school is behind! Some of students are happy with the results, some feel they could do better. But one thing everyone should remember – graduating a high school is an important, but just your first step in the journey to the successful future.


What is the most important now: make the right decision about the career path and take the steps towards your goal.


But how to make sure you are making a right decision? How can you be sure your education will help you to get a well-paid job, have possibilities for development and will bring you positive emotions? Here are few steps you, as a graduate, should consider.


Think about the future, don’t get stuck in the past


Education in a university would take at least 4 years, education at a training centre for an associate degree will take around 3 years. Should you ask a fortune teller about the jobs in the future or should you consult your parents for their advice? None of the options would give you 100% comfort.


A fortune teller cannot make scientific predictions, and your parents often have hard times to understand about future, which is changing so fast.  The fact is: the world is living now in the digital economy. And the only way for you to secure a successful future is to choose to study technology and digital skills, which will ensure your competitiveness and employment. Because professionals with digital skills, knowledge of computers and programming, can find a job in any industry. Also, the richest people in the world are from technology industry, like Jack Ma from Alibaba or Bill Gates, from Microsoft.


Do not get stuck in the past, open up for the digital perspective of the future!


Get ready for lifetime long learning


Those times when you can think: I will graduate my school and will get Master Degree from a university so I can get a highly paid job, are behind.


Companies employ and pay for the skills and the right attitude. So get ready to work not only on your education, but also on personal development: growing your creativity, confidence and management skills. Don’t focus on a degree, but on your skills: projects, tasks, experience. Get involved into community work and keep learning. At the age of technology, when thanks to the Internet so many tools are available: those will win and take control over their lives, who will keep learning and who will make sure they are open to fast adapting and changing world.


Never stop learning and improving!


Study technology – that is the best decision you can make


Technology skills are now as important as foreign language.


If you can use a computer, you can open so many opportunities for yourself. But do not stop there, from a user you can become a creator, if you study programming or design skills. Having those skills you can work for a company, or even start own business or work as a freelancer. However make your research where and what to study. Choose to study what you enjoy.


If you like math and are interested in learning programming, we can recommend you the Software Development course.


IT Academy STEP in Cambodia offers professional 2,5 course with international certificates and also supports students with employment. During the course, students study only subjects that can help them with successful employment, like mobile application, web development, game development and also project management and much more. They also work on personal projects and build their portfolios from year 1.


If you like design and art, you can join professional program in Graphics and Design, also 2.5 years long and learn secrets of advertising design, animation and also 3D modelling and interior design.

IT Academy STEP is the branch of the largest IT training centre, with branches in 20 countries. It has a training centre located in Phnom Penh on (214) Samdach Pan Ave, with modern facilities. To register for a free consultation and a placement test, please call: 085777120 or 086781737.

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