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Soeung Sovannak

Digital Media agency: Graphic Designer

Graduated from:

I am glad I decided to enroll at the IT Academy STEP program, as I have improved tremendously in my technology and creative skills.

My abilities in 3D modeling, animation, and design have grown significantly since starting at STEP. The 3D subjects were always the most interesting to me, especially the Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya courses. My 3D animation and modeling skills are now at a point where I feel comfortable creating professional-level content. I plan to continue expanding on these skills even after completing the program.

The teachers at STEP create such an engaging and supportive learning environment. They are extremely knowledgeable and patient. I always felt comfortable asking questions and never afraid to make mistakes

I am walking away from STEP with a whole new set of technical abilities and confidence. My skills have reached a level where I am successfully employed as a Graphic Designer. I could not recommend the IT Academy STEP program enough for anyone looking to improve their tech skills and expand their horizons.



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