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Pheng Samnang

Private Company: Remote Full-Stack Web Applications Developer

Graduated from:

Pheng Samnang, a recent graduate from the Software Development program at IT Academy STEP, is thriving in his role as a remote full-stack web applications developer for a private company.

When asked why he chose to study this major, Samnang explained, "This field provides me with a great deal of freedom – the freedom to learn, with countless resources available online, and the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime that I feel productive. More importantly, it aligns with my core value of innovation."

During his time at the Academy, Samnang particularly enjoyed the Android Development course, though he admits there were many subjects he found engaging. "Honestly, there were a lot of favorites, but if I had to choose one, I would say Android Development."

In his current role, Samnang finds the skills he learned in SQL, Database Theory, and Web Development with PHP to be the most useful and applicable to his daily work.

Looking back on his experience, Samnang recommends IT Academy STEP, stating, "The answer cannot be no. All of my programming knowledge and skills were gained from here, especially through the project-based exams, which I liked the most. These projects helped me build up my resume over time."

With his passion for innovation and the practical skills he acquired, Samnang's testimonial showcases the excellent preparation and opportunities provided by IT Academy STEP for those pursuing a career in software development.


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