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Moul Marothon

Hang Meas Jewelry: Digital Marketing Professional

Graduated from:

Moul Marothon, a 24-year-old graduate of IT Academy STEP, currently applies his skills as a Digital Marketing professional at Hang Meas Jewelry. 

When asked why he chose to study this major, Marothon shared a thoughtful perspective: "Nowadays, if we want to achieve success in our business or reach our goals, the main strategy relies on technology. It is extremely important and a key factor for every success, including the nation's economic growth."

During his time at the Academy, Marothon's favorite subject was Website Development – a course aligned with his passion. "My favorite subject was the Website Development course because it matched my passion," he explained.

In his current role, Marothon finds the skills he learned in Website Development to be the most useful and directly applicable to his work. "I believe the Website Development skills I acquired allow me to complete all my tasks effectively," he stated.

Looking back, Marothon wholeheartedly recommends IT Academy STEP, citing the excellent program, conducive study environment, experienced teachers, and strong student support system. "Yes, of course, I would like to recommend IT Academy STEP because they not only provide good programs but also a nice environment for studying, which makes it easy to focus on lessons. The experienced teachers are skilled at teaching students and supporting them through any issues they may face."


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