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Hoeu Sophanorin

CAMIS SOLUTION CO., LTD: Full Stack Web Developer and DevOps

Graduated from:

Meet Hoeu Sophanorin, a Full Stack Web Developer and DevOps working at CAMIS SOLUTION CO., LTD.

Sophanorin is a proud graduate of STEP IT Academy Institute, majoring in Software Development. He has graduated STEP with high grades and received an international diploma in just 2.5 years’ time.

According to Sophanorin, one of the things he liked most about STEP IT Academy Institute was the curriculum. He found it to be of international standard and in line with the current job market. Additionally, he appreciated that the program only required him to attend classes three days a week, allowing him enough time to research and complete his homework assignments.

Sophanorin’s favorite subjects were in Web Development, as it allowed him to explore both the backend and frontend aspects of web development. He enjoyed designing in animation or 3D for the frontend and working on the logic and architecture for the backend. Studying with STEP IT Academy Institute allowed him to find a job in the field of web development and advance his career fast.

As for his future career goal, Sophanorin aspires to become a project manager. With his solid foundation in web development and his experience at CAMIS SOLUTION CO., LTD, we have no doubt he will achieve his goal.

Overall, Sophanorin highly recommends STEP IT Academy Institute to anyone looking to advance in their software development career. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum, flexible scheduling, and knowledgeable instructors who are always willing to help.


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