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Chen Sounthai

Family's Decorations and Furniture Business: Manager

Graduated from:

Chen Sounthai came to the academy with a passion for creativity and a love for 3D art. Sounthai now works as a manager for his family's decorations and furniture business. Still, his studies at the academy have given him the skills to bring his creative vision to life.

"The academy has a new system of learning and professional training, which makes it a great place to learn and grow," Sounthai says. "I would highly recommend this academy to anyone who is looking for a digital learning program and a new system of learning and professional training."

Chen's favorite subject was 3D Design with Blender, which he says allowed him to "understand more about 3D and I can make my idea come to action like I can create character and character animation that can be used in the game and movie industry."

In addition to 3D Blender, Sounthai also found that Illustrator and Photoshop were a valuable skill to learn. These skills are a perfect complement to his work as a manager for a decorations and furniture business. With his newfound design abilities, Sounthai can create innovative decorations and furniture or enhance marketing materials for the business.

Sounthai's experience at the academy is a great example of how our programs can help students turn their creative passions into practical skills. We are proud to have him as a graduate and we look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the future.


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