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Stand with Ukraine! IT Academy STEP invites to join the efforts.

Natalja Rodionova




IT Academy STEP Cambodia is a branch of an international training center, IT Academy STEP, that was established in 1999 in Ukraine. Since the war in Ukraine was started by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022, many of our colleagues lost their homes, loved ones and some lost their lives. Some of IT Academy STEP branches are destroyed completely. 

However, IT Academy STEP keeps working even during this devasting crisis, creating free online lessons for Ukrainian children on Youtube, as well as giving access to online learning with the Unicorn school

International branches of IT Academy STEP in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland work directly with the refugees. IT Academy STEP Cambodia joins an initiative to collect devices, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops to support Ukrainian refugee children in Poland, many of whom lost everything.

The number of Ukrainian refugees in Poland has exceeded 2 million people, which is already more than the number of inhabitants of Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Most of the refugees are women with children, elderly people, and also children, who lost their parents. Polish people are doing amazing work at accommodating refugees and helping them to settle by providing accommodation, food, and medical support.

But they need more help.

Children are safe, they have a place to sleep and eat, but many suffer after the traumatic experience and need psychological help. One of the easiest ways is to get them back to a normal routine, by having access to education and regular entertainment.

That is why we aim to collect 100 tablets (any brand) to give to the children this opportunity.

 With those tablets, children will be able to learn online in Ukrainian, read books, watch cartoons, and play games.

Those tablets would be distributed to children from 5 to 15 y.o., staying in the refugee center in Walbrzych city, with the help of a volunteer, Yulia . The tablets will be handed to children for personal use, as well as will be used during the joint online lessons. This will be performed by the Walbrszych Social Service to ensure transparency and compliance.  Please watch this video from the Mayor of Walbrzych explaining their work in the city.

We have 2 options:

  1. Collect financial donations, then purchase tablets in Poland with the delivery to the refugee camp
  2. Ship tablets directly there, if you can purchase those and arrange the delivery.

What can you do:

  1. Donate money to an ABA bank account in Cambodia or an ABN Amro bank account in the Netherlands. We will arrange purchase and delivery online.
  2. Collect tablets and arrange shipment directly to Yulia, who is staying in the refugee camp so she can distribute them.  
  3. If you wish to support other activities, please donate to Yulia, who is currently there. Those funds would be used for medical supplies to be transported to Ukraine.

How can you trust this is a serious project?

  1. Yulia, who is in Poland now, is a Ukrainian by roots, who was raised in Canada. Has moved to Poland to help refugees since the first days of the war. You can follow her activities on Facebook and check her GoFund.Me page. Yulia has years of working experience in NGOs across the globe. Please watch this video about her work.
  2. Natalja, managing director of IT Academy STEP Cambodia, working in Education since 2015. A Latvian citizen, working in Cambodia and directly supporting this project.

If you want to help or have more questions: 


Natalja Rodionova

Managing Director, IT Academy STEP Cambodia


Why software development is the best choice of career?

Software development is one of the most exciting and rewarding careers out there. With endless opportunities, programmers can build apps that change people's lives for the better—and make good money doing it.

Software development is one of the most exciting and rewarding careers out there. With endless opportunities, programmers can build apps that change people's lives for the better—and make good money doing it. The digital era has created an unprecedented demand for software engineers, developers, and programmers who have the skills to design new apps and software solutions for businesses. No matter what stage of your career you're at now, here are some reasons why becoming a developer is such a smart choice: Endless opportunities in the digital era. The software industry is growing rapidly, and the demand for digital skills is increasing daily. With the rapid expansion of the digital economy in Cambodia, there have never been so many career opportunities available to developers. Not only does software development offer you a career with endless possibilities and challenges, but it also gives you access to some of the most exciting new technologies in the world today.

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Join open doors event with IT Academy STEP Institite

Join us on December 10 at 2 pm to learn more about digital skills associate degree programs!

Are you a high school student that feels pressure to make a decision about what to study? Or are you a university student, who is not happy with the education you get now? Join  IT Academy STEP Cambodia Open Doors event on December 10 at 2 pm to learn more about IT Academy STEP institute and majors in IT. You will be able to: Learn how to choose the best major for your studies Learn about 5 ways to make money even before graduation Understand how to achieve the best results when learning 21st-century digital skills Participate in the lucky draw and win prizes! Every participant will be able to make free registration on the day of the event, thus saving 50$! Each participant will also get a bonus with a free professional career guide in IT, that will help to build a successful professional life! Register now and we will be happy to see you! Our  location offers convenient and safe parking.   

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data science

STEP IT Academy launches the first professional program in Data Science and Analytics in Cambodia.

STEP IT Academy is proud to launch a new professional program in Data Science and Analytics in Cambodia, that would offer skills focused and market-driven educational program to grow a new generation of data professionals in Cambodia.

STEP IT Academy in Cambodia, an accredited institute by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, launches in the new academic year 2022/2023 the first professional program in Data Science and Analytics.  The new program is created following the growing interest in the field of data, which can support large companies, financial institutions, and governmental entities, with expertise in data analysis and data science. The program is created following the best international practices and in consultation with the industry leaders to make sure that the program graduates would be capable of working for local and international companies.  Data Science and Analytics professional program consists of 5 terms, where each term is 6 months. Each term offers students opportunities to work on projects and case studies, making sure that the knowledge is practical and that students develop strong project management skills.  The program starts with learning the most important concepts in

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STEP IT Academy Cambodia becomes a licensed Institute

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport have approved STEP IT Academy Cambodia institute license as of July 2022.

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport have approved STEP IT Academy Cambodia institute license as of July 2022. This license upgrade means that students at professional programs in STEP IT Academy Cambodia upon successful examination results may receive an Associate Degree in the corresponding major in accordance to Cambodian educational standards. Upon graduation, students will receive: STEP IT Academy international diploma STEP IT Academy Institute Associate degree in Cambodia International certificates from CISCO and Autodesk, depending on the examination taken Official transcript of exams. Mrs. Rodionova Natalja, Director of the STEP IT Academy Institute said: “We are grateful to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Cambodia for recognizing our efforts and upgrading our license to become an Institute in Cambodia, that would allow our students to benefit from the Associate degree possibilities.” STEP IT Academy Institute offers students associate de

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