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Our Computer Graphics and Design student shares experience about studying with STEP.

Please meet Rattana Sokunthyda, who is 19 y.o. and is year 1 student at the Computer Graphics and Design department with IT Academy STEP Cambodia. We have asked her to share her opinion about studying with IT Academy STEP Cambodia.


Why did you chose to study this major?

  • Graphic Design has the two qualities I want to explore academically: intellectuel/logical and creative/artistic, where most majors rarely have a good balance of both.  It challenges a student to develop their artistic skills to create something that's not only attractive but also useful in the modern world. And the best part is that you are encouraged to challenge the norms, as long as your methods works.


What do you think, makes the Academy special?

  • Professionalism and Friendliness. The Academy's staff members are very welcoming and eager to help the students from the day one. And their system is very well organized and modern, for students to learn effectively and efficiently. As long as you're willing to work hard the staff members are there to cooperate and support. They find ways to make learning difficult subjects easier for you, rather than making you learn things the hard way.


What do you like most in the Academy?

  • The Art class, because I love drawing and painting in general and the Art class is both useful and fun.


What do you wish to tell to other Cambodian students who are thinking of studying here?

  • I was hesitant of choosing Graphic Design, because I was very unfamiliar with this major overall and thought that I wouldn't be able to catch up. But, all the anxiety is gone just a few months into the course, as the teachers are really encouraging and eager to help and the staff members are great at notifying the students about everything required while studying at the Academy.   As long as you are willing to work hard and persevere, you will grow remarkably.  Seriously, you just need to come to class daily and have fun exploring the topics related to design and you'll see improvements in your creativity before you even realise it.


Would you recomend the Academy?

  • 100% yes, if you feel the need to pursue an artistic career, enjoy working with people from different areas of life from business owners to Youtubers.
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