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3 tips for building an educational path that leads to a successful career

At one point 90% of young people face a challenge – how to choose the best place for studies and make sure education will be useful for successful career development? Some young people rely on the opinions of their relatives and friends and just follow their suggestions, some are making own research to compare different options and to make own decision.  This article will help in both cases – it will guide you through few important steps for making a smart decision.

Know yourself and your passions.

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life,” said Confucius, a famous Chinese ancient philosopher and politician. His words are true even thousands of years past his life. When you love what you are doing, feel comfortable with your co-workers, enjoy your day - you feel good and inspired. That is why it is so important to make sure you understand yourself and your passions and follow your own way in creating your life.

To identify those passions, the best way is to listen to yourself: what tasks you enjoy, and what brings you stress. Observe others and see what makes you curious to learn and to get involved. When you are young and still thinking about what to study and what career to choose, try different things. But make sure those skills are relevant for the modern days and economy and will be required.

Commit efforts and time to your education.

Scientific studies have found, that the most accomplished students had put in their practice 10,000 hours. The more you practice, the better you get. This is why to become a successful professional, your natural talents matter less than your commitment and time you spend on assignments, reading materials, or even seeing other people's works in the study area. Sometimes students are worried that they are not smart enough to learn design or programming skills, but in reality, only those who are persistent, who try and work on improving their skills are succeeding. So do not stop yourself from reaching your dream, only because you may feel unconfident in your skills now. Skills are like flowers – they need time to grow and they will blossom if they get enough of care.

Better grow skills, not just collect papers

Education and learning take time. IT Academy STEP Cambodia professional program takes 2,5 years to learn skills and get ready for your first job, which is faster than Bachelor Degree programs, as we do not waste 1 year on foundation subjects, but get straight to the point. 60% of our students start working even during their studies, and 100% of the graduates find employment within 3 months after completion of their study program. To get a well-paid job in IT, you need skills and projects to demonstrate, as well as international certificates. That is what IT Academy STEP Cambodia can offer to the students. You might think that a Master's degree can give you a better salary, but in reality, your employer cares less about your diploma and more about your skills.

The digital economy is developing very fast and needs professionals who can adapt fast, can learn while working and stay curious. That is why focusing on learning skills is the best decision you can make for your life.

We hope these 3 points can inspire you in making a better decision for your life, that would bring you joy and success. If you decide to study digital skills, IT Academy STEP is here to support you in this journey and provide you international quality education. 

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