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Join new course in Python coding for kids!

This course will help children to learn to code, as well as develop important 21st-century skills, such as creativity, projects development and teamwork online. The course is based on the international Raspberry Pi Foundation of Education curriculum and aims to develop students' creative thinking, computing skills and understanding of coding during the course.


  • Schedule: Sundays 9 am to 11 :00 am
  • Location: IT Academy STEP Cambodia Campus, #107, ANZ Road, Toul Kork.


Course requirements for students:

  • Age from 8 to 15 y.o.
  • Can use a computer
  • Has at least basic English skills


After the course, students will receive certificates of achievements, if they will complete all the projects and will not miss more than 2 weeks out of 12 weeks course. If students prefer, they can bring their own laptops or also use computers provided by IT Academy STEP Cambodia.

The course is 12 weeks long and is 120$ for the course. 




Lesson 1:

05 December

About me. In this project you will learn how to write a Python program telling people all about you

Lesson 2:

12 December

Rock, Paper, Scissors. In this project, you will make a Rock, Paper, Scissors game and play against the computer.

Lesson 3:

19 December

Turtle Race. Use loops to draw a racetrack and create a racing turtle game.

Lesson 4:

26 December

Team Chooser. In this project, you’ll learn how to create 2 random teams from a list of players.

Lesson 5:

02 January

Colorful Creations. In this project you will create a dictionary of colors which maps hard to remember color codes into friendly names.

Lesson 6:

09 January

Secret Messages. In this project, you’ll learn how to make your own encryption program, to send and receive secret messages with a friend. This project ties in with the “Earth to Principia” activity on page 16 of the Space Diary.

Lesson 7:

16 January

Modern Art. In this project you will create computer generated modern art. You will use functions to write code that you can use repeatedly.

Lesson 8:

23 January

Popular Pets. In this project you create pie charts and bar graphs from data that you collect from members of your Code Club.

Lesson 9:

30 January

RPG. In this project, you’ll design and code your own RPG maze game. The aim of the game will be to collect objects and escape from a house, making sure to avoid all the monsters!

Lesson 10:

06 February

Where is the Space Station? In this project you will use a web service to find out the current location of the International Space Station (ISS) and plot its location on a map.

Lesson 11:

13 February

Robo-Trumps. In this project you will read data from a file to create robot trump cards. Then you can play Robo-Trumps with a friend

Lesson 12:

20 February

Code Craft. In this project, you’ll design and code improvements to a 2D version of Minecraft.


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