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New opportunity to study professional courses at IT Academy STEP!

We have a special opportunity to study professional programs with IT Academy STEP: Software Development Graphic and Design

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4 Nov. 2019

Business Cambodia article

Making hard decision about the future – what to study after school? This big day – taking final graduation from a high school is behind! Some of students are happy …

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18 Oct. 2019

Join intensive course in video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro!

Are you dreaming about starting your own Youtube channel or just want to learn how create impressive videos like a professional? Or do you want to learn a new skill to …

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17 Sep. 2019

Join Junior LEGO Robotics course!

Interested in Robotics? Join Junior LEGO Robotics course! 

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16 Sep. 2019

Join video editing and special effects with Adobe After Effects course!

Interested in Video Editing ? Join video editing and special effects course!

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30 Aug. 2019

FREE workshop : Game development with Unity

Interested in game development? Come and join this FREE workshop with a professional game developer!

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29 Aug. 2019

Join Game Development with Construct 3 course!

In this course students will learn how to create own computer games with different levels, animate games and develop own storylines. During the course students will also develop own games.

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27 Aug. 2019

Join Cyber Security intensive training!

  Want to learn the most essential skills about cyber security and get international CISCO certificate? Then you must join our a special intensive training in CYBER SECURITY.

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23 Aug. 2019

Learn Python in just 40 hours!

In only 40 hours you will be introduced to the magic of programming with one of the most popular programming languages – Python. After this course students will be able to …

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23 Aug. 2019

Join Blockchain technology FREE event !

  Heard about blockchain but not sure what can it do ? Join our free event and learn how blockchain can change the world forever!

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12 Aug. 2019

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