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Corporate courses

About the course:


Timetable of classes

IT Academy STEP provides corporate trainings for employees with an individually developed program to meet your company goals and industry requirements.

The training is conducted according to the unique methodology with focus on best results. Each of our training courses is aimed at providing relevant knowledge in combination with practical skills.

Upon completion of corporate courses, your employees are issued IT Academy STEP certificates.

We provide a wide range of specialized courses for corporate trainings:

  • Project management using Microsoft Project 2013;
  • Software development with PHP, Java, C ++;
  • Development of mobile applications for Android, iOS;
  • Development of WEB-projects: XHTML / HTML 5.0 / CSS 3, CMS;
  •  SEO, SMM, digital marketing;
  • Computer graphics and design: Adobe package;
  • Administration and programming of OS Linux;
  • Authorized Cisco CCNA and CCNP programs;
  • Security of computer systems and networks, tactical perimeter protection of the enterprise;
  • Authorized Microsoft courses for developers, programmers, network administrators and databases;

The process of corporate trainings consists of the following steps:

  • Choice of training
  • Defining learning objectives.
  • Testing the current level of your employees.
  • Determination of the duration of the course.
  • Scheduling of lessons
  • Adaptation of the curriculum for your needs
  • Conducting training
  • Developing recommendations for the further professional development of the group.
  • Issuance of certificates



About the course:


Timetable of classes

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